I went to Pump It Up.

Pump it up is very fun,you can have a race,you have to climb something 3 feet tall then sqeeze through a tight spot, after that you have climb something 12 feet tall,last of all who ever slides down first wins! Want to have a ball fight? Well you can! It's inside the bouncy court, there's about 17 balls in the court!

Well that's all I remember, but there's a lot more. I hope you go there and enjoy Pump It Up!

I have a cat named happy blue.
I had 3 pets when I was one and 2 died and now I have 1 pet.
My brother is mean.
Mom and Mike battle since they were a kid.
Mom yells and talks alot.
I have a pond with big fish and little fish.
I know how to count to 1,000.
Sometimes happy runs away from me.
In are back YARD there are lot's of  plant's,tree's,toy's, pot's and bike's.
My name is teddy.
This takes a long time.!!!!!!!!!!

great hunter

My cat happy

My cat is so scared. He runs away from my lego guns,even if lays on anything! I hope
he just stop being a chicken. Sometimes he isn't that scared.

He looks light brown,a dark face, and his tail is black. His ears are pointy, his
eye are blue too, and his breath STANKS! His out side fur is so soft and warm and
his inside fur defends him from the cold. The end of his tail has a kink and it will
feal bad.

My cat does crazy stuff. He sniffs oranges, tools, and even a butt!
That is why he is my best pet.

My story about the lazy cat

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