A fine Saturday in Alameda

I got to spend the whole day with my lovely little honeychan.  We woke up to sunshine this morning!  Morning sunshine is rare indeed in Alameda.  After the Tour De France ended at about 9:00 am, we headed out on our bicycles on a tour of Alameda.  

We started out on the airport trail.  It is a  bit amazing how one can tune out an airport and enjoy the other scenery in the vicinity.  I guess it is odd to have a bike trail around an airport in the first place.  I don't understand gardens but the shrubs seemed to like the nice day and released all of the scents they had pent up.  Then off to the Bay Farm coast line.  Something was going on at the Raiders headquarters.  It sounded like family day but the whole place is always shrouded in secrecy so I have no way of knowing.  The gale force winds were just a stiff breeze today.  It was mild enough to ride side by side.  There was a large group in training for some event.  It is very nice to live where people commute to enjoy the area.  The ride through Alameda proper was just beautiful.  There was a big class at the kite board shop.  I felt sorry for them since they were out early for lessons with no wind.  The lack of wind made for nice pictures of the birds.

There is this cool little model airplane park that we jog and ride by all of the time.  Today, I took some pictures.  There is a red plane in one of the shots that happened to make it to the evening news about cool things to do in the bay area.  It is fun to have a picture of something that a news caster just got done crash landing.  After our bike ride, we went out to the gym to lift some weights.  We went shopping at the exchange after the gym then off to some grocery shopping.  Michael got mad because we took so long.  He has to learn that the world does not revolve around him.  We went home fixed a gas leak on the hot water heater, took a nap, cleaned the fish tank wrote this page and called it a day.  I can't imagine a much better day than today.

ready to ride
fenced in
she is fast
more fences
look down
calm sea
lemonade stand
lady break
break time
shore line
suburb ride
no wind
poor sailboard
nice view
bird food
white birds
white bird
bird walk