Life in Alameda

I have lived in Alameda for over two years now. I figure it is about time I dedicated some effort to the Alameda section. Alameda is awesome. The weather is great and the trip to downtown San Fransico is less than 25 minutes. My commute to work in Emeryville takes 15 minutes in the morning and 20-60 in the afternoon. Traffic is unpredictable around here.

Micro Climates

Bay Farm Island has a micro climate that is similar to Oakland or the main Island of Alameda. Bay Farm is a bit more moderate where the temperatures range from 50-80 degrees year round. It is usually windy here with high winds on the airport side and more moderate winds on the Oakland side. There are no beaches on Bay Farm because we are surrounded by sea banks made of stones. I am told it is becuase of massive flooding 30 or 40 years ago.

Weekend Jog

Teddy rode his bicycle to keep me company for my Saturday jog. I have been letting myself get out of shape lately so I had high hopes that Teddy would want to slow down and explore the world. He did not let me down. Our little 7 mile jaunt through the coast line took close to two hours. We found a nice lady with a sheep dog who enjoyed herding us around. We then found a huge duck who was just laying around enjoying the day. The duck lady told us how to feed a duck properly and not to feed the duck bread unless you give it water too.

The loop was beautiful. We stopped at the point to check out the view. Then we stopped at the ferry station for a break and watch the fishermen all lined up to fish. I never saw anyone catch a fish but they must catch something or they would not be there. Then we stopped at the next rest stop for some water and to check out the new Pete's coffee factory. It is a very well built building with a lot of nice design features. The next rest stop was outside the Raiders headquaters. We did not see Al Davis but we did check out the blue water in the fountain out front. I wonder about blue fountain water but the ducks did not seem to mind the blue water.


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