Chapter 2 the cat on the hill

The horse and cat got off the hill and went to the city. They went in side a building on fire. When they got to the middle of the building they saw the dog on fire and the dog said "MY DAD WILL dEFEAT YOU!!!!!" "NO HE WON'T" said the horse. The cat saw a hurricane coming at them,the cat said"AHH I HATE WATER" then SPLASH go's every body in the state and the horse said "that was FUN" NOT TO ME" said the cat,the dog said I'm not on fire any more!"

                              Chapter 3 The Cat On The Hill

After 3 months the city streets were all empty.  The cat and horse went to the city and were wondering why the streets were empty. The horse said," it must be a human holiday!,"to the cat. When they were getting closer to a the human neighbor hood they saw a sign saying Christmas and the cat said," I remember this holiday it's where an old guy gives gifts to children.,". They back to the hill because their was nothing to do. When it was night time they saw the old guy flying in a sled. Is that the old guy you were talking about said the horse. "Yup",said the cat. Then the old man hit a bird and the bird fell on the cat and then the cat almost scratched the bird until the horse yelled,"STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," to the cat. "OK,"said the cat. "Hello bird want to join us?,"said the horse. The bird said OK. "Good and the cat this bird can help us catch human food,toy,animal food,and gifts.,"said the horse. I will show an example,bird go get me two cokes please,"said the horse. Sure,"said the bird ... WOW isn't this coke good!?!,"yelled the cat. HEY BIRD that guy who hit you is getting away,go peck him,"screeched the horse. Of corse I'll do that ... then the old fell in to the ocean and the the flying deer escaped and the slay fell right next to the cat and horse. HEY BIRD COME BACK HERE,"yelled the horse. Then they opened all the presents and they found a T.V, lamp, two cabinet, small generator, night light, heater, lots and lots of toys, and food.

     One month later ... Hey bird your gonna miss football,"yelled the horse. I'm just getting food. They live happy for five more years until the cat got STOLEN!