Glen and Jocelyn come to California 2009!

Glen and Jocelyn came back this August for another visit to the California coast.  They come out to visit for a little while then go off to an event somewhere in the area.  This year we went off to do another sojorn in the Shasta hills.  It seems as if this is going to be an annual event.  This year Paul came out to join us and is making comments as if this will become an annual event for him too.  It does not really matter who comes out here for the annual Shasta Summit Century ride.  Anyone who makes the ride seems to have fun no matter how they end the day.  This year was no different, we all had fun.

Posted below are a number of pictures Jocelyn took while riding around California.  Someday, we may add sub-titles and more pictures but it is not likely to happen.

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