Summer visit to Alameda

There is nothing like a summer visit to Alameda.  The evenings are cool and the days are sunny but not  hot.  The temperature went into the upper 80's for a few days and we all complained about the unbearable heat.  One of the best things about Alameda is that the outside always needs to be painted.  Ted is such a lousy painter it usually looks worse after he is done painting than it did before he started.  I like to paint outside where I can look at all of the pretty Alameda women from around the world.  Alameda is such an international place, sometimes it is like going to a different country.

We ate at our favorite Alameda restaraunts a few times.  Linuini's, right in Alameda, is not a fancy place but it sure is fun to eat there.  You need to bring a jacket because the place has no heat or AC.


I took a tour of the plant one day while Ted did some work.  I don't really know what he was doing but what a place that plant is.  They make some kind of medicine there that is grown from cells not made out of chemicals.  I suppose the term "Bio-tech" comes from the growing of biological stuff to make medicine.  Everything is clean, made of stainless and has pipes.  Did I mention the pipes?  That place has more pipes than a nuclear power plant.  No wonder drugs cost so much money.  From the Manufacturing buildings we went to the research and development buildings.  They sure do spoil the scientists.  The R&D building is beautiful.  We could not take any pictures inside the building but the outside photos can give you some idea of what it is like.



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