"Mount Shasta page 2"

We got out for a ride Sunday morning.  It was a beautiful morning!  The sun was shining and the smoke was gone!  Saturday afternoon and evening were very smoky.  we were nervous about riding in the smoke.

Riding through the mountain country side was very nice.  We cruised along at a nice leisurely pace being passed by many cyclists in pace lines.  It was a post card perfect day with weather to match.  The Shatsa organizers did an excellent job hosting this event.  The town was prepared for us.  The rest stops were awesome.  The food at all endurance events always tastes good but the food here was exceptional.  Sandwiches made with fresh bread and lunch meat that tasted like meat.  The soda even had real sugar.
Start ramp
Start ramp pose
One of many views
First hill
Hill view
Bike repair
Enjoy the trees
Break time
Made it to the top!
Time to go back
Turn around here
Down hill girl
Going home
Time to stretch
Map check
House for sale
Made it
Me too