Daily Jog  

Today is 21 May 2007.  As always, Teddy rode his bicycle to keep me company for my daily jog. Today we did the small loop.  It is between 3 and 4 miles in distance depending on the variations of the day.  The minimum 3.5 mile loop is basically around the golf course where there are no short cuts but plenty of excursions to extend the distance.  A few pictures of the excursions are posted below.  One day I will take pictures of the routine course but since it is routine to me, I don't find it very exiciting.  I don't know when the pictures will be taken.  Maybe I can get Teddy to post them in his section.

The weather was perfect for an afternoon jog.  It was clear, sunny and 75 degrees f.  Teddy found the California state flower by the coast and was exited about how close the plant is to the water.  He tells me the flower rarely lives by the sea.  After examining the flowers, we had to go check out the man made seawall that was built to preserve a small area ot the bay as a wetland.  It is a little biological haven for various sea creatures.


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