Koi Pond

Alameda is a great place for koi ponds.  Our temperate climate assures for good water temperatures year round.  Winter highs keep the water near 60 during the winter months.  Summer fog keeps the sun off the pond most of the day keeping the water around 70 f during the summer.

The first thing you need to do when building a koi pond is find yourself a suitable helper.  After you find your helper, you need to look at where you want to put pond.  Then you need to decide how big and what materials to use to make your pond.  I spent a lot of time on the internet searching for solutions to build my pond.  In the end, I decided to build my own design on top of the drive way out of bricks.  Laying bricks looks easy when you watch them do it on television..  It is not as easy as it looks.  The scary part of learning how to lay bricks while building a pond is that I was learning while building the base.  I got better as I got closer to the top of the pond.  It has been up for 3 years now with no leaks so I am happy.

Step by step

Site selection is different for every application.  If you look closely the wall where I am building the pond is about to fall down.  The brick pond will help protect the wall.  It is also nice to sit in the sun room and look out at the fish.  I did a quick layout with no motar to verify my design plans.  The layout works great for a pre construction visualization.  I forgot to include mortar expansion on my layout.  In the end it saved me some bricks as I had to construct with two less bricks per layer.

I read that I had to snap some lines and lay down strings to mark my construction lines.  The string was cemented over within two bricks and the lines were gone by the fifth brick  I used the wall as a guide on the back side and ran a string about 3 inches away from the front wall and eyed it for straightness.  Needless to say it is mostly straight, not perfectly straight.  The mortar mix goes fast.  If you are not going to paint the outside of your pond, you have to keep the mortar off the bricks as it is very difficult to remove after it dries.  You can work in one direction while your helper works the other way.  I had another helper who was camera shy.  He was a lot of help.  The pipe sticking out of the side is for the filter.  I was going to make a filter out of bricks but I was so sick of playing with bricks, I scrapped that idea and went with a plastic drum.



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